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Beauty Website Blog Poll: Do You Go Out Leave the House with No Makeup On?

Would You Leave the House with No Makeup?

They don't call it bare-faced cheek for nothing. Stepping out the house sans makeup, is either a beauty crime or no big deal, depending on how you see it.

My cousin, who we jokingly call the Australian Peaches Geldof (her dad was in a famous 70's rock band and her mum used to date England footballer George Best), has the best skin I've ever seen and is all-round beautiful, but she admitted she'd never, ever leave the house with no makeup on, even if it was just to buy milk.

I, on the other hand, can frequently be seen loitering around east London looking like I just woke up. Not that I'm particularly proud, I'd run a mile if I saw anyone I knew. I just like to try and give my skin a break from makeup, every now and then.

How about you, do you go out without even a scrap of makeup?


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