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Beautyblender Cleaning Hack

This Genius Beautyblender Cleaning Hack Only Takes 1 Minute

The majority of the beauty world bows down to Beautyblenders. Despite a few good efforts at using household products to apply makeup, none quite come close to the reliable, good old Beautyblender. However, although our love for the sponges that gave us a flawless base runs deep, cleaning them is the worst chore of them all. But fear not fellow beauty enthusiasts, Twitter users have blown all of our tiny minds with a surprisingly simple but effective hack.

Beauty junkies are cleaning their Beautyblenders using a microwave and fairy liquid and it actually works! If you want to try it at home, take a blender in hot water and mix with fairy liquid, zap it in the microwave for 1 minute, then ring out the excess once the water has cooled. The sponge should be completely free foundation and any other makeup, as well as killing all the bacteria in the process. You'll be left with a nearly new blender!

Give this quick hack a go for yourself and watch your blenders go from grim to grand. As one Twitter user replied "this was the knowledge I didn't know I needed", we're with you girl.

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