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BellaSugar UK tests the Works with Water Beauty Water

Product Review: Beauty and The Bottle

Thou shalt drink plenty of water is the beauty commandment that I most fervently believe in. Making sure you get at least two litres a day is such an easy way to rehydrate your skin and flush out toxins. Ok, so the scientific proof is somewhat on the scant side – but it's just about every models' top beauty tip and it does seem to work.

The new Beauty Water, (£1.29), though, claims to go one step further. It's the first spring water to contain the ingredient praventin which, in clinical tests, is proven to help get rid of adult acne. I tried just one bottle, and lets be fair, you can't really expect miracles, but did it make a difference, honesty no. It also contains milk protein, raspberry and rose extracts, and while that all sounds quite yummy in a cocktail, the water was far too sweet – like sucking on fruit pastels at the same time. It also had a rather yucky, milky taste – and this is from a girl who drinks milk by the pint.

Despite that, (or possibly because of it), Mr Bella, who has a very sweet tooth, loved it. Though he was a little ashamed to be seen with the very pretty, floral design on the bottle! If you need to drink more water, but would rather be slurping on soda, then this might be for you. All in all, it possibly does improve skin tone and texture, but you'd need to test it over a much longer time period. Personally, I'm sticking with the tap!

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