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Benefits of Squalane in Skincare

5 Reasons You Should Add Squalane Into Your Skincare Routine, According to an Expert

Benefits of Squalane in Skincare
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There are plenty of ingredients that have hero qualities when it comes to skincare. Vitamin C adds brightness, hyaluronic acid can hold 1,000 times its weight in water, and retinol speeds up cellular renewal, which has a whole host of skin benefits. But there's a less buzzy ingredient that is not only is super easy to use, but also works wonders by adding hydration into your skin and hair routine. That ingredient is squalane.

Kate Bancroft, skincare expert at Face the Future says, "the process of creating squalane oil occurs when the similarly named squalene oil undergoes the process of hydrogenation leaving a clear, odourless oil." Explaining that, "squalene is sourced from plants such as wheat germ, palm trees, and olives but it's the hydrogenation process that leaves us with the super-light oil" that is "suitable for use on all skin types including acne-prone and super sensitive skin." Win win.

Here's exactly how squalane can benefit your skin. Once you're convinced to give it a go, shop some of our recommendations.

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