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Bioeffect EGF Day Cream Review

Our Favourite Wonder Serum Is Now Available as a Day Cream

Of the many lotions and potions I've tried on my skin over the years, few have surprised me more than Bioeffect EGF Serum. The best-kept-secret serum's key ingredient aids in cell regeneration, helping to keep skin looking its best. It worked wonders to smooth, soften, and keep my skin looking clear. The one thing I wasn't keen on was the price (£125 for a 15ml bottle), and it soon proved too expensive a habit to keep up, no matter how good the results. So I'm excited to see that the Icelandic boffins behind the brand have come through on their promise to reformulate the ingredients into a day cream. Obviously, the best results come from using it in conjunction with the original serum, but it will work without, and at £55 a jar, it offers a slightly more affordable way to try the wonders of Epidermal Growth Factor for yourself. If the results you see are anything like what I saw with the serum, it'll be worth every penny!

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