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Blogger Shares Struggles With Acne | Beck Lomas

Why It's So Important That This Instragrammer Showed Off Her Skin Imperfections

Beck Lomas is a 22-year-old blogger from Australia, and in a world filled with filters and Photoshop, she is exposing it all and keeping it real on Instagram. Recently, she posted a completely natural selfie, complete with bleeding spots and a message that will make you applaud her honesty.

"THIS is my current situation. A pimply, bleeding, sore face . . . I don't think I will ever be one of those girls who feels completely okay without makeup," Beck wrote on Instagram. She went on to add, "But just because I'm not completely confident with my skin, doesn't mean I'm not a confident person. I've come a long way from the girl who used to cry every single night about the way her skin looked. These days my skin is just a minor downer for me sometimes."

Her feed is filled with photos of her glowing skin and impressive abs, but she wanted to show the real her to inspire her fans around the world to embrace their imperfections and their natural beauty. With so many young people seeing the world through a filtered screen, this is incredibly refreshing.

"Happy people are the most beautiful people, and I know it's hard to feel happy when you're focusing on your imperfections — but I just want to let you all know that you are beautiful EVEN if you have acne, or bacne, or cellulite, or your thighs touch or you've got stretch marks," Beck announced. "THESE are my imperfections, they make me sad sometimes but they're not who I am, and they aren't going to kill my confidence, so don't let your imperfections kill your confidence!"

The comments section on Beck's post is flooded with kind words from fans who can relate to the gorgeous blogger. "I want to thank you for being brave enough to show your 'flaws'. You are so stunning and it makes me feel that I can have not-so-perfect skin and still be confident in myself. The struggle is real but nice to know I'm not the only one!" one person wrote.

Another shared, "For someone who is very self conscious at the age of 35 and still with problem skin, I absolutely love these posts as they are real, no filters. Thank you for opening up and sharing this and allowing me to feel I'm not alone."

Beck joins Essena O'Neill in being an Instagram celebrity who opts to be more transparent about imperfections in her life. Here's hoping that this becomes more of a trend!

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