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Body Contouring Makeup Tutorials

You Won't Be Able to Stop Watching This Body Contouring Tutorial

Makeup fake sexy body :o (y)Credit: @makeupmeri, @karinaevseevamakeup, @mwhairstyles & @hudabeauty

Posted by Olipretty on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We personally believe that all bodies are bikini bodies and that regardless of your size or shape, there's nothing you need to do to prep for a tropical holiday other than packing a swimsuit and some sunscreen. However, if you're looking for a low-investment way to enhance your assets this Summer, this contouring video is full of incredible transformations.

Men and women are chiselling everything from their cheekbones and cleavage to even the backs of their necks with some well-placed makeup. This video breaks down how to sculpt parts of your body you didn't even know you could (clavicontour, anyone?) in less than two minutes. Even if you're not interested in loading on body bronzer before hitting the beach, we can guarantee that you'll be mesmerised once you start watching!

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