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Brunette to Blonde Hair GIF

1 Girl's Unexpected Dye Job Will Cause You to Question Your Own Eyesight

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We've seen ladies hide clever patches of rainbow hues within the depths of their hair to reveal sneaky strips of colour, but we've never witnessed someone practically become a new person with one hair flip.

In this GIF posted on Reddit, one girl appears to have the top layer of her hair dyed brown. So at first glance, she's brunette. But then, in a split second, she flips her hair to the opposite side of her head, showing off platinum blonde tresses.

Even trippier than her transformation is the internet's response to her hair sorcery. Some Reddit users, entranced by her clever dye job, find it genius that one could be a blonde and brunette simultaneously. Others debate the colour of her locks, claiming to see them morph from blue to black. Her puzzling mane could very well be a beauty variation of the infamous "dress". Despite the colour of her hair, though, there's no denying it: this style is equally cool and crafty. Stare at it to see for yourself.

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