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Bubble Wrap Liner

This Winged Liner Looks Like an Octopus, but Promotes a Planet-Saving Message

Have you ever ordered something small online only for it to come in a human-size cardboard box filled with plastic protection? Whilst I appreciate the fact my new product hasn't been damaged, I can't help but wonder if all of the packaging is necessary — and it's even worse when some things come from the same store and yet are delivered in separate parcels.

If anyone knows about deliveries and parcels, it's bloggers and YouTubers. They receive more packages than most of us could ever dream of, and although it clearly is a great perk, it also comes with a lot of waste. Whilst many of them must be experts in recycling, some plastic can't be recycled, and one makeup artist and YouTuber is using her makeup skills to help spread awareness on this issue with her BanPlastic series.

Natascha Pedersen is a makeup artist from Greenland who creates both everyday and themed makeup looks that are so incredible, our words couldn't do them justice (you'll just have to go and see them for yourself). Her latest series BanPlastic shows her turning the plastic she receives along with PR packages into art. Whilst the looks are admittedly a little more "for the 'gram", they are seriously pretty and will definitely make you think twice about how much packaging is thrown away.

And she doesn't stop there. Along with her looks, she posts long captions with environmental facts and explains how we could all become more planet conscious. One of her looks uses straws from all the times she forgot to say no to having one, along with the caption "straws take 200 years to break down into tiny toxic particles. The US and UK toss nearly 550 million plastic straws PER DAY." That's some food for thought.

Props to Natascha for making recycling not only creative and easy to digest, but also pretty. My favourite look so far is her bubble wrap winged liner, which has turned the octopus into a very chic animal — in fact, I'm so obsessed with it that it has been stored in the Halloween ideas bank. Also, we need to know what highlighter she is using, because girl is glowing.

Thanks to Natascha, not only do I now feel clued-up about the planet, but I'm also going to use my spare bubble wrap to turn into a supercool octopus for Halloween. Win, win.

A post shared by Natascha Pedersen (@nataschap) on

A post shared by Natascha Pedersen (@nataschap) on

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