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Can I Apply Spray Sunscreen to My Face?

This Is the Right Way to Apply Spray Sunscreen to Your Face

On the off-chance you don't want to feel like you're wearing five pounds of product on your body at the beach, you might want to stash a bottle of spray sunscreen in your beauty bag. The spritzy formula has earned plenty of fans since it feels lighter than its lotion counterpart.

The accolades have not come without controversy, as some aerosol sunscreens contain harmful chemicals such as titanium dioxide. While this ingredient won't hurt skin once applied, it can irritate lungs if directly inhaled. (That is just one of the reasons doctors recommend not using spray sunscreens for squirming children who might breathe in toxins.) It also might not be best to use on a snorkelling holiday — the chemicals can be dangerous for coral reefs.

That said, if you're an adult and you're not planning to wear spray sunscreen while swimming, you shouldn't be afraid of the formula — as long as you educate yourself about the finesse of safely applying it to your face. To aid on that front, Consumer Reports sent POPSUGAR its findings on how to use this trendy product the right way.

First things first: you should never spritz directly on your visage. Rather, the site suggests that you apply the stuff on your hands and massage it into your face from there. Be sure to avoid getting the spray in your eyes or mouth.

You also shouldn't go easy with packing on the SPF. This ensure that you're properly covered. As Consumer Reports suggested, "A good rule of thumb is to spray until your skin glistens." (That's sort of the ultimate goal for our skin, so no complaints here.) To ensure everything's even, it's important to rub in your lotion for at least 10 seconds — even if you're using a sunscreen that's advertised as a "no-rub" formula.

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