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Can I Blow Dry My Eyelashes?

We All Saw Dani Dyer Blow Drying Her Eyelash Extensions on Love Island, but Is It Safe?

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I might possibly be one of the only people left in the UK who doesn't watch Love Island, but that doesn't mean I didn't hear about Dani Dyer blow drying her lashes. People were, well, confused! For many eyelash extension lovers this was no surprise, as they too blow dry their lashes (because who wants a set that aren't freshly fluffed up daily?). But others were just truly perplexed. Wherever you stand in this heated lash debate, we're here to settle one thing: is it safe? We called in the help of Hanna Putjato, CEO of London Lash Pro, to debunk the myths around lashes.

Is it safe to blow dry eyelash extensions?

Putjato said, "It's safe only if it's done on the lowest heat and speed settings". High heat can damage the sensitive eye tissue and can "damage thin synthetic eyelash fibre as it gets deformed when heat is applied."

What is the purpose?

Sorry to break it to you, but there isn't really a purpose. Some people think it helps to keep the lashes fluffy and perfectly-aligned, but Putjato said, "They can dry perfectly themselves. After they get dry, they need to be brushed using a disposable mascara wand to achieve a fluffy, natural look."

Is it only a specific type of lashes you can do this?

Putjato explained that she "wouldn't recommend to blow dry a set of Russian volume lashes simply because your lash technician uses thinner lashes for it, and they are more likely to get deformed when heat is applied. Blow drying a classic lash set is safer, there is a less chance that lashes will be deformed as we use thicker lashes." Russian volume lashes are more expensive than classic lashes, so as a rule, it's technically safer to blow dry cheaper, thicker lashes only. But, she also notes that if you've paid less than £40 for a set of extensions, the technician was probably using inexpensive lashes from sites like eBay or Aliexpress.

Does blow drying disrupt longevity?

"Yes, if high heat has been applied. Cyanoacrylate-based eyelash adhesives are sensitive to high temperatures. That's why if you love hot yoga or saunas, your lashes will never last well."

Can you do it on lashes without extensions?

In the words of Coach Carr in Mean Girls, just don't do it, K? Putjato said that you shouldn't risk damaging or burning yourself on something that won't give results.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Diggy Lloyd
Product Credit: Morgan Lane short set.
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