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Cardi B Brushes Her Hair With a Fork 2018

Cardi B Couldn't Find a Hairbrush, So She Improvised in the Best Way

Cardi B is pretty accustomed to making a way when there's not a way. We've seen her improvise and use an actual iron to straighten her hair when a flat iron wasn't available, so it didn't come as a shock to us when the 26-year-old rapper couldn't find a brush for her hair and decided to use the next best thing: a fork. On Monday morning, Cardi's hairstylist, Tokyo Stylez, shared an Instagram video of the genius hack. The short clip shows Cardi rocking a dark, bone-straight, waist-length wig that she's seen gently stroking with a plastic fork, as one obviously does when a comb or hairbrush is nowhere to be found.

Cardi's weekend has been pretty hectic. Aside from spending the last couple of days celebrating her 26th birthday with her husband, Offset, she later made a surprise appearance at Drake and Migos's tour stop in Los Angeles on Sunday night. With so much on her plate, who really has time to dig around for a hairbrush when there's a fork that'll do the job just as well? Gotta love a queen who knows how to improvise.

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