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Cardi B Reebok Nail Ad

Cardi B's Nails Take on a Life of Their Own in a Crazy New Ad

Cardi B is out to prove she can to do anything with her extra-long nails in a new ad for Reebok sneakers. In the surreal video, the rapper sits in a hair salon, chatting with her neighbour under the dryer, when everyone in the salon turns to see that the 26-year-old's sneaker is untied. You might think that with her long nails, she'd have some trouble tying those laces — but fear not, Cardi's got it handled.

In a moment none of us are likely to forget, Cardi B says, "hold up," as her light pink and magenta bedazzled manicure grows even longer, travelling down her thighs, over her knees, and proceeds to tie her shoelace. "Nailed it," the rapper says before proceeding with her previous conversation.

The video finishes with a Reebok sign that says "Sport the unexpected," which could easily be Cardi B's life motto. Check out the most magical manicure we've ever seen in the video, above.

Image Source: Youtube user Reebok
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