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Celebrities With Balayage Hair Colour | Pictures

Balayage Highlights: Ditch the Foils and Go Freestyle

Celebrities With Balayage Hair Colour | Pictures
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Forget foils. Perfect highlights threaded through vast sections of the hair are no longer the coolest way to add a sun-kissed look to your hair. Balayage is the art of hand-painting streaks of colour onto the hair in a downwards sweeping motion, covering sections that catch the light on the top layers. It requires a skilled colourist to get the best effect, but when done right, it can save you hours in the salon. It works particularly well for Victoria's Secret-model-style sun-kissed waves on naturally brunette hair . . . After all, it was people's desire to copy Gisele Bündchen's sun-lightened locks that started this trend in the first place. But there are plenty of other creative ways to work the technique into your style. It can be used all over, for fair hair like Cat Deeley's (really, her blonde is all done freehand!) or painted on sparingly in subtle coppery tones through the ends of the hair for a little lift like Penélope Cruz. There is a balayage look that will lift any tone, and the best bit is that it's a low-maintenance look. Unless you go all out like Cat, this is a look that will grow out without noticeable roots, leaving you more time between touch-ups. Modern and low-maintenance? What's not to love? Find your new look with our favourite celeb balayage looks below.

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