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Charlotte Church announces pregnancy. beat stretch marks like charlotte church

Beat Stretch Marks Like Charlotte Church

The lovely Charlotte Church and her Welsh rugby star husband Gavin Henson are expecting their second baby together. Charlotte, who looked delightfully glowing and healthy during her last pregnancy with the adorable Ruby Megan, announced the news yesterday.

Despite her party girl past, Charlotte proved herself to be a really healthy (and beautiful) role model for young mums, refusing to bow to media pressure to be stick thin immediately after she gave birth. Charlotte is really pretty with normal, womanly curves and a relaxed, yet still groomed, approach to beauty. So good to see!

In celebration of her great news, I wanted to share my top product for beating stretch marks during pregnancy. You may have already digested all the word-of-mouth chat about Bio Oil (£17 for 200ml) and the testimonials are impressive. However, I've heard so many (and actually seen!) amazing results from applying Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, (£32) — from mothers-to-be of all ages and shapes.

I actually use this even though I'm not pregnant, as it boosts skin elasticity, firms and tones the stomach, upper thighs and bum. If you're using it while pregnant though, remember to apply all over twice daily from the first trimester. Yes, you will get through buckets of the stuff, but it'll be worth it. Plus it smells so calming and soothing that it's like a mini meditation in a bottle.


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