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Check Out Britney Spears' New Fragrance Commercial!

Check Out Britney Spears New Fragrance Commercial!

Calling all Britney Spears fans! I have a treat for you. This week the popstrell unveiled a new commercial for her forthcoming fragrance Radiance. It's her first new scent in two years. The commercial was just released on-line and features Britney clad in a pearlescent evening gown visiting a fortune teller. In the scene she's asked if she'd like to hear her future and Britney retorts: "No thanks. I choose my own destinty." (Interesting! Is this Britney's way of telling us something?) Radiance is set to go on sale next month and is sweet mix of berries musk and orange blossom, all packaged in an ultra-girly glistening bottle. Britney is no stranger to the fragrance game. To date, she's launched a staggering six scents in total and raked in a whopping £973 million! Hopefully Radiance is a sign of more to follow. Are you a fan of Britney's fragrances?

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