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Check Out Ilamasqua's New Art Film!

Check Out Ilamasqua's New Art Film!

Illamasqua certainly have a lot going on this month. Any minute now they're set to unveil a brand new store here in London's bustling Soho neighbourhood (I cannot wait!) The company has also just unveiled a new high-concept film made with This is England actress Vicky McLure. Check it our below! The film is called Poem and shows Vicky in an atmospheric scene doing her makeup in different characters as atmospheric music plays and text is read. It's pretty cool.

Beauty brands are certainly getting very cultural these days. If it's not Gucci tapping the legendary Frank Miller to direct it's commercial, it's Comme des Garcons launching an art film for it's latest scent. Personally, I love this Illamasqua clip. It's totally compelling and I'm already a huge follower of Vicky's work. What a great choice! Are you a fan of Illamasqua?

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Film courtesy of Illamasqua

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