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Chloe Kim's Mom Wears Olympics Manicure

Chloe Kim's Mom Totally Nailed Her Olympic Manicure in Support of Her Daughter

Ready to watch Chloe NAIL it! :)

A post shared by Boran Kim (@boranyunkim) on

Team USA snowboarder (and now gold medalist!) Chloe Kim is a beauty babe in her own right, rocking rainbow hair, serving as ambassador for K-beauty brand Laneige, and preaching the value of flawless winged eyeliner. But it seems she came by it naturally, because Chloe's mom just pulled a move that would make any beauty girl proud: she rocked a themed manicure to support her daughter on the road to Olympic glory!

"Ready to watch Chloe NAIL it," Chloe's proud mama, Boran, captioned her mani on Instagram. With one nail proudly bearing American flag art, Boran — who emigrated from Korea before Chloe was born — also opted for a nail inspired by the South Korean flag, perfectly honoring not only her daughter's heritage but also Team USA's exciting trip to Pyeongchang.

We're all for an excuse to rock a fresh manicure, but Boran's nails are particularly thoughtful . . . and considering her daughter's massive success in the 2018 Winter Games, perhaps they're also a good-luck charm! Zoom in on the nail art above, then follow along with the rest of our Olympic coverage. We wouldn't blame ya if your next manicure is Olympics-themed, too!

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