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Chrissy Teigen Nail Polish Colour

Chrissy Teigen Announces Her Favourite Polish Shade; We Can All Die Happy

Image Source: Instagram user chrissytiegen

I am a woman who will literally do anything Chrissy Teigen says. (That link is proof.) And now that she has told us her favourite nail polish shade, I must throw down £13 and order some OPI, stat.

On Twitter, one of Chrissy's 1.39 million fans asked her about the nail polish shade she was sporting in her Snapchat. After calling one Twitter user a "dumb b" (in true Chrissy fashion), she responded to the fan with the name of the shade: OPI Nail Lacquer in Samoan Sand (£13). I am a devout Dulce de Leche fan and equally love Essie's Fiji, but this neutral is about to get slapped on my nails ASAP.

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