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BellaSugar's Gift Guide: The Magnificent Mum-To-Be

If you have a yummy mummy-to-be in your life, now's your chance to spoil her rotten, because after her little bundle of joy arrives, all of her time and attention will go to baby. This is an exciting time for everybody involved whether you're going to be an aunt, partner, cousin, guardian or even just a friend, as a brand new life is about to join your circle!

Mama Mio at ShopStyle

I've heard that a quality stretch mark product is essential to help mum's belly grow more comfortably. Plus, it does wonders for itchy skin. When I asked you if you've ever used stretch mark creams, 22% of you said that you swear by them, and 59% have never tried them. Maybe this will change your mind.

After polling many pregnant ladies, I've heard rave reviews about Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil (£22.50). Apparently it has a light, non-irritating scent, it absorbs quickly and spreads easily. Mum's claim to use it even well after baby arrives because of its soothing effects. Shop these marvelous maternity-inspired beauty gifts for even more ideas!

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