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Cleansing Bath Recipe

This Spiritual Cleansing Bath Is Like a Session of Therapy For a Broken Heart

Cleansing Bath Recipe

Whenever bursts of change come to play, it's particularly tempting to retreat to bed and allow a pillow nest to swallow you up. I often take this route, dressed to the nines in fleece, and think fondly of my favourite Lin-Manuel Miranda tweet. While there's merit in this healing method, I've rediscovered another hub to hold me when I'm feeling blue: the humble bathtub. For you, the bath may be where you go to drink wine and read your Kindle, or perhaps it's a sacred space to escape from housemates and shave away Winter fur. I see it as the cauldron I can cleanse in when I'm feeling my lowest — with a little help from a bath blend.

In Everyday Magic: Rituals, Spells & Potions to Live Your Best Life, a modern spell book brimming with positive witchcraft, Semra Haksever suggests a series of bath blends you can create at home. The blend that has served my soul the most is Haksever's blend for "loving vibrations," which combines essential oils, rose petals, and crystals in a salted bathtub. "Taking time to honour yourself is the perfect way to relax and activate spiritual vibrations," Haksever explains. Her cleansing bath blends manifest peace, happiness, success, and grounding.

I opted for the loving vibrations blend to aid me in mending a broken heart. Though I may seem chipper and composed in day-to-day life with a logical understanding of how and why my last relationship broke down, my body still has some catching up to do. This bewitching bath time coaxed me into opening up my heart and releasing any weighty burdens it may be carrying. Emerging from a candle-lit, rose-scented bathroom, I felt as if I'd had a therapy session. The steps to cast this spell? Read ahead.

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