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Collagen Lips

Have You Ever Had A Professional Lip Plumping?

C'mon, fess up. In today's world, a little collagen, restalyn, botox injection or snake venom is as routine as a mani and pedi. It's like getting lowlights when you're hair becomes too brassy, or like getting your teeth whitened after years of smoking and drinking red wine and coffee. Ok, you get the point, it's simple enough to give your pucker a pick me up if you feel your lips are getting a little bit too thin.

I'll be the first to admit, that the farthest I've gone in the lip plumping department is using over the counter glosses that contain maxi-lip (the ingredient that causes the tingles and prickles in your plumping products). Have you ever seen a professional to make your pout more plush?


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