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Common Oily Skin Mistakes

4 Mistakes You're Making With Your Oily Skin

Much like any other skin type, mastering oily skin care takes a lot of trying, failing, and learning. It personally took me years of trial and error to figure out that many of the practices I'd patched together from generic skincare advice, were worsening rather than improving my skin. Of my many offences, the following four were my worst. If you're struggling to master your oily skin, get on the road to better skin by making sure the following aren't part of your current routine.

Over-Zealous Cleansing

After a long day of blotting and powdering, there's nothing quite like cleansing all the oil and grime of your face, but over-zealously cleansing your face, while it might feel great in the moment, isn't the best idea for oily skin. Excessive cleansing with harsh, drying, and exfoliating products strips your skin of essential moisture which can leave your skin dry and irritable, making it susceptible to breakouts.

Not Moisturising

Your skin's over-abundant production of oil isn't an excuse not to moisturise. When you intentionally neglect to moisturise your skin, it tends to overcompensate for the dryness by producing even more oil. Your skin requires moisture — topical as well and internal — to function normally and maintain its health, so don't starve it.


Treating Your Oiliness

Although it's true that many skin types are a combination of different traits, it's most prevalent in oily skin types. Just because your oily patches are the most pressing issues your skin is dealing with doesn't mean they're the only ones. Be attentive to how different parts of your face behave and identify which parts of need what; you might find that while your oily t-zone loves a clay mask, the dry patches on your cheeks prefer a more moisturising treatment.

Not all Products are Created Equal

It might be time to stop buying every "miracle" product on the market. Getting sucked into clever marketing or relying on recommendations from people who don't have the same skin needs as you do is an easy to trap to fall in because we all want to find the dream product that clears all our troubles away. As innocent as this might seem, products that aren't formulated for your skin type can exacerbate your problem areas; for instance, using a serum that works great for dry skin might cause you to break out because the heavy ingredients clog your pores.

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