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Credit Crunch Beauty Buys. Pond's Cream Reigns During Recession

Pond's a Winner For Credit Crunch Beauty

Sometimes it seems the oldies really are the best. Classic skincare brand Pond's is one of the few labels that is actually benefiting from the credit crunch. While people stop stocking up on fashion and expensive hair accessories, the beauty industry is still saying it hasn't felt the pinch yet.

Economists have dubbed this phenomena the Lipstick Effect. Generally in a time of recession people reach for small comforts such as a nice lipstick instead of a Chanel bag. Wearing metallic nail varnish or working a new makeup trend is a quick and relatively cheap way of updating your style this season.

However, it still makes sense to try and reign in your beauty spending if you can, although I know it isn't always easy. Looking for bargain products or those that do the job of expensive creams, while costing a fraction of the price is the name of the game this autumn. A recent survey carried out by Pond's shows that 85% of women across the UK are spending under £20 a month on their skincare regime.

For why Pond's works a treat, just read more.

Pond's is not only affordable but great quality too. I especially like Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser, which is ideal for removing make-up and soothing skin. It feels very luxurious and can be used as a hydrating face mask too. All this and it costs just a paltry £3.99! Suddenly the lean times are looking more appealing.

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