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Crystal Invisible Solid Stick Deodorant Review

I Tried an Armpit Moisturiser, and It's the Only Thing That Can Stop My Pesky Ingrowns

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Some people like to show off pictures of their kids or dogs; I feel the same way about whipping out my armpits. Whether I've just rubbed detox mask under my arms or tried a new deodorant pen, I am known to talk about my pits with the enthusiasm of a roving Bible salesman. Due to my efforts in reforming my musky ways, I've managed to quell a lifelong sweating problem. The final frontier in my armpit transformation? Two words, which I hate only slightly less than my most loathsome phrase ("You up?"): ingrown hairs.

After one glorious Winter where I had zero reason to wear anything other than four sweaters at one time, Spring came. Slowly but surely, my layers are coming off — and with those, I prefer to remove the hair under my pits, too. (But if you don't, rock on!). But my skin must have gone to Oberlin and count Sylvia Plath among its favourite authors, because it is sensitive, y'all. As soon as I bust out the razor, the ingrowns are bound to follow.

So when I had the chance to test out an "armpit moisturiser," I — and the dozens of little bumps that graced my underarms — jumped on it. This opportunity came courtesy of the new Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant Sticks (£4), which just launched. Along with acting as a natural, essential oil-infused deodorant that absorbs wetness, it boasts a lotion-esque consistency that hydrates and treats skin.

As soon as I swiped the deo against my body, I knew it was going to be a kickass (er, kick-pit) moisturiser. It felt so luxe that I almost felt like rubbing it all over my dehydrated face, too. It was super creamy, so I was a little nervous about it leaving white streaks. In response to my concerns, I put on an all-black ensemble, because my life's motto is, "If you're going to do something, you might as well do it in a way that will give you deodorant stains."

Luckily, no such thing happened. I tried the Lavender and White Tea option, which is just one in a lineup that includes Vanilla Jasmine with Chamomile and Unscented. I got a whiff of all the scents, and truth be told, each one sort of just smells generically "clean" — think fresh laundry — so even if you're sensitive, I don't think you'll have a problem with these puppies.

After wearing this for just a day, I was satisfied with how it stopped me from being a sweaty mess. It took about a week and a half for me to notice my ingrowns subside. My skin feels smoother and sleeker, and I would have no problem with someone gently rubbing their hand over my pits, should I encounter anyone who is into that sort of thing. Your move, strapless dresses.

Crystal Invisible Solid Stick Deodorant Review
Crystal Invisible Solid Deodorant Sticks
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