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Cult Beauty's Alexia Inge Shares Beauty Favorites

Cult Beauty's Alexia Inge Shares Spring Beauty Must-Haves

I'm a huge fan Cult Beauty. The company was launched by self-confessed beauty geek Alexia Inge and Jessica Moore in 2008 and has since built a fabulous reputation for its edit of unbeatable beauty products, frank advice, and flurry of unusual independent brands.

It's always ahead of the curve in terms of the latest beauty innovations, too. This week, I managed to catch up with Alexia to talk about her favourite new products for Spring. To find out what she said, just read more.

At Home facial by Ling Skin Care (£85): Alexia explained, "Ling is the go-to New York facialist for everyone from Uma Thurman, to Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz, Agnyess Deyn, Gisele Bundchen, and Madonna. She is extremely good at sorting out problem skin. She just put together an At Home Home version of her signature facial that she uses on these guys and it rocks! Ling is all about mixing learnings from East and West. No fancy machines, it's all in the fingers which is why the home kit works so well."

Neil George Hair Care Collection (£16-32): "Think of any Hollywood starlet, and chances are they go to Neil George," says Alexia. "The brand was founded in 2005 by Amanda George and Neil Weisberg and is known for using indian gooseberry in products to make hair healthier, stimulate its growth and support hair follicles. They just launched in the U.K. and we have a capsule range. The team love it!"

Face Atelier Ultra Foundation (£32): "This foundation kicks butt. It's the best I've tried so far. We found it through our American expert panel. The foundation is a unique blend of silicones that builds a lightweight, breathable second skin effectively airbrushing your complexion," says Alexia. "It comes in 10 water resistant shades that really don't shift. Another genius aspect is that you can also buy a Zero Plus and a Zero Minus shade in order to fine tune your foundation to perfectly match your complexion, adapting as your skin pales in the winter and tans in the summer, without having to keep buying new shades."

Kaplan MD Lip 20 (£22.50): "We just launched this lip treatment and our customers have gone absolutely NUTS for it. We sold out 3 times already!" says Alexia. "The dermatologist-developed lip treatment is designed to moisturise, plump, contour and protect with SPF 20– all in one! Celebrities love it too. I heard Kate Beckinsale, Sienna Miller and Natalie Portman are all fans."

Blinc Brow Mouse (£16.50): "It's rare to find innovation in eyebrow makeup, which is why we were excited to find this eyebrow product. It's the best we've found so far." says Alexia.

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