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Beauty Glossary: Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is a procedure where the surface of the skin is removed by sanding. It helps erase the visibility of sun spots/damage, raised scars, and it smoothes out the overall texture of the skin. One myth about dermabrasion is that it will tighten the skin or shrink pores, however, neither of these assumptions are true. To achieve those type of results, it's best to consider chemical peels or alternative laser treatments.

Something to consider is the pain. Instead of being performed by an esthetician, one of the two types are done in about an hour by a medical doctor whilst under anaesthesia. The first type is when a wire brush is used to scrape away the damaged skin, and the second is where dermatome is used (it looks like an electric razor) or a laser (much less invasive) to trim away the skin that is effected by a scar or blemish.

The process leaves skin sensitive and red anywhere from ten days to three months until new, skin is able to re-grow. However, today more than ever thanks to evolving medical developments it's safer and entails much less bleeding than ever before. Would you ever consider going under anaesthesia for cosmetic purposes?


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