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Diva Glamoriser Hair Straightener and Curling Wand Review

Why I'm Obsessed With the Hair Tool That Does It All

My natural hair texture leaves a lot to be desired, so I've had to get savvy about what I pack when I'm travelling. But how do you know which styling tool is best to pack in your case? I struggled to decide whether to take a wand or straightener (or just a hat!) on many a trip until I discovered the Diva Glamoriser (£50, originally £100), which gives me the best of everything.

The styler works as a tong, wand, and straightener and — unlike many rival multipurpose products — manages to do a decent job of all three. It's particularly good for creating a messy, textured wave but can also give you a pretty neat curl (use the ends for the tightest curl) if you prefer. The straightener isn't exactly going to make you give up your ghds on the return home, but after a 10-minute battle with a hotel hair dryer, it'll help you to tidy up any frizzy bits and smooth down flyaways. It heats up to between 110°C and 230°C so it'll work for all hair types, and the digital display helps you ensure you're using the right setting at all times. I've tested this in Australia, the USA, and the continent and can vouch for its cross-voltage capabilities too. Just don't forget to pack your plug adapter!

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