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Do You Take Beauty-Related Supplements?

In a poll written a few years ago by my Stateside sis BellaSugar US, 46% of you felt that beauty supplements were a crock whilst, only 23% of you had even tried them. In my opinion, it takes more than just topical notions to have healthy and beautiful hair skin and nails. It matters what you ingest, and a well balanced diet, can mimic the effects of supplements.

I've used Phyto's Dietary Supplements for two months to help improve growth in my hair and nails, but all it did was cause irritation and spots on my face. However, tons of celebrities have had wonderful experiences with products like Rodial's Skinny Beach Sticks, as they curb the appetite and help to build up the tanning pigments in the skin to get you holiday ready.

Let me know how many of you use supplements and which ones you think work best.

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