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Does Garlic Help With Pimples?

Is This Culinary Ingredient the Secret to Clear Skin?

Remember that beauty blogger who was convinced that rubbing onions on your eyebrows could make them thicker? Well, she's back at it again with a new DIY that involves yet another kitchen item: garlic.

On her Instagram, Farah Dhukai shared a video of herself rubbing a garlic clove on a pimple and stated that it helps "flatten" and combat the pimple overnight. Farah also recommends leaving the garlic atop your skin all night if it's a larger pimple. While we were just as skeptical as we were about the eyebrow onion hack, it appears that there might be some truth behind this one.

In an interview with Seventeen, dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler explained why the social media maven might be on to something. "Allicin is the active ingredient in garlic. Allicin has anti-inflammatory properties, so it's possible that applying some could take down the inflammation," she said.

Though we'll wait until there's a clear consensus on this one, there are plenty of other ways to prevent acne with food — but by, like, actually eating it.

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