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Dollar Bath Bomb 6-Pound Castle Bath Bomb

You Could Basically Live Inside This 6-Pound, Castle-Shaped Bath Bomb

As someone who pays an obscene amount of money to live in a room with no windows, it's safe to say the current real estate market makes me feel pretty damn bleak. That is, until I saw Allure report on this six-pound, castle-shaped bath bomb that I could basically live in. Friends, just call yourselves MTV, because, hello, I'm about to welcome you to my crib.

If you want to get your hands on a hot piece of real estate/the Dollar Bath Bomb Cotton Candy Castle Bath Bomb, well, good luck. Much like with many in-demand apartment buildings, this one's got a waiting list — of sorts. That's because this once-in-a-lifetime offer isn't part of Dollar Bath Bomb's usual stock. Instead, as part of a giveaway that runs until Nov. 3, two people will win this IRL Dream House each day. So get yourself on over to the giveaway page to sign yourself (and a friend) up.

If you don't win this Extreme Home Makeover: Bath Bomb Home Edition, then don't fret — just watch the absolutely mesmerising video of this chateau dissolving into water, just like my dreams of finding an affordable one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan.

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