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Dr. Brandt Magnetight Mask

You Won’t Be Able to Deny the Force of This Magnet Face Mask

Image Source: Courtesy of Dr. Brandt Skincare

You may or may not have seen the intriguing phenomenon that is the magnetic face mask, but let me tell you, it's worth the hype. Science in skin care has once again blown my mind!

What it is?

The Dr. Brandt Magnetight age-defier mask "harnesses the power of magnetic attraction to help counteract the effects of stress and environmental damage on the skin." The mask is infused with magnetic iron particles as well as finely ground black tourmaline powder, which is a powerful stone said to be one of natures most energising minerals. It can be used on any skin type and promises to add instant radiance, purify, and rejuvenate the skin. The best bit? It comes off in an instant thanks to the power of magnets!

How to use it?

After cleansing your face, use the spatula (you don't want any bacteria getting into the mask tub), take some of the product (a little goes a long way), apply to the face as you would a regular mask, and leave on for five to 10 minutes. Take the magnet that's provided with the mask, and wrap a layer of tissue around it (if the tissue is thin apply two sheets). Then the fun begins! Take off the mask using the magnet. You won't need to touch your face as the strong magnet will attract the mask, taking off every last bit of it with ease. The mask does not take long to remove at all, however you may need to change the tissue a few times depending how much mask was applied. The mask will leave an oil-like residue; don't wash this off! You are encouraged to rub this into the skin leaving a serum-like finish.

What it does?

Magnets have been used for ancient Egypt and India to heal certain ailments. Dr. Brandt has created the magnetight mask to create a product that helps recharge skin and reduces signs of ageing. The mask contains soothing ingredients such as lavender and energising ingredients like black tourmaline powder, promising to instantly rejuvenate the skin. The mix of ingredients and magnetic removal aims to counteract the effects of stress and environmental damage on the skin. This is good for people with sensitive skin as you aren't scrubbing at your skin to remove the mask as you would with a normal face mask.

How does it work?

The age-defying mask is infused with iron magnetic particles which, when used with the magnet, pull out all of the toxins and grime from your skin. The ground black tourmaline powder leaves the skin feeling energised and instantly radiant. The serum left over from the mask adds an extra layer of hydration before putting on moisturiser.

My thoughts

I tried the mask both on myself and my boyfriend and we both had great fun start to finish using the mask. I was surprised by the pleasant scent of the mask; it does not smell like charcoal or the earth as it looks like it would. My boyfriend was completely blown away the fact the magnet actually worked! So well, in fact, you may even have to tug a little to get the tissue off the magnet. The mask is perfect for men as it can be used in beards and stubble, because the strong magnetic attraction means no residue is left in the hairs. I also liked the layer of hydrating serum that the mask left over. It didn't leave my skin feeling dry as I expected it would after being pulled off with such a strong magnetic force! The next day my skin felt more hydrated, and I would say it did feel instantly rejuvenated as the product promises. I'm yet to notice any anti-ageing properties but my skin did feel a lot less irritated.

Extra tips:

Remember to use a tissue because it is very difficult to get the mask off the magnet after it has attracted to it! During a demo with the Dr. Brandt brand, the mask was used through the ends of hair and came out clean using the magnet to remove it. All in all, if nothing else, the mask is such a fun experience you'll probably forget about the impressive ingredient list. My skin did feel really hydrated and smooth after using the mask and it provides an exciting, alternative way to switch up an otherwise pretty standard skin care routine. Watch the video below to witness the magnet at work.

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