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Easy Expert Tips. How To Get Perfect Clump-Free, Long Thick Eyelashes. Beauty and Makeup Trends Autumn Winter 2008

A Quick Tip For Perfect Lashes

If you're planning on batting for England this season, the key to autumn's latest looks is Bambi-esque lashes with plenty of fluttering potential. Whether you're working the metallic trend, going all out with goth glamour or contrasting dark eyes with nude lip shades; long, luscious lashes are always super desirable.

For fail-safe, long lashes, here are some expert tips:

  • Make sure that the mascara wand is free of clumps. A quick wipe with a tissue will ensure smooth results. Also, wiping around the actual tube will prevent a build-up of product for further applications.
  • Curl lashes then aim to use as little mascara as possible. Over-loading lashes with product only makes them look thick and spidery, instead of long and fluttering.
  • Position the mascara wand at the very roots of your eyelashes. Wiggle gently to ensure coverage while carefully lifting from the roots.
  • Increase the movement by slowly wiggling the wand in a zigzag motion from the roots to the ends. Don't overload the ends of the lashes as this will make them heavier and the curl will droop.
  • Finally, while the mascara is still wet carefully brush through with a clean mascara brush. I use one from an old mascara. Alternatively use an eyelash comb for extra precision and to get rid of clumps.


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