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Edible Chocolate Nail Art

Forget Festive Chocolate, Edible Nails are a Thing

Fancy some nails that are good enough to eat? Jessie, otherwise known as NaileditNZ, is a qualified nail tech and self-confessed nail art fanatic. She has a ton of skilled nail art videos but recently came up with the hilarious idea of creating edible chocolate nail art because . . . well, why not? Jessie begins to explain in her video that "this isn't something that is meant to be serious" so don't try this as a quick midweek mani! The video shows her struggling to neatly applying the tubes of chocolate icing and applying edible gems to embellish those accent nails. Jessie notes that she does do "real" nail art on her channel too, but we hope she tries out more crazy, fun nail art ideas in future. Jessie also has her own line of nail art brushes to use when practising from her tutorials. We think the end result of the chocolate mani actually looks pretty good. Would you give this a go at home? If edible nails aren't your thing you can always try furry nails!

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