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Eight Hour Beauty Sleep Myth Busted

Beauty Sleep Myth Busted

I'm a great believer in getting at least 8 hours of beauty sleep a night, preferably 10 if I can. Bedtime is a great chance to get maximum results from your beauty products, plus it's the only real cure to banish any nasty dark circles under the eyes. However, if like me you worry that getting less than your eight hour dose of shut-eye will cause problems then fear not. According to a new report we are all getting enough sleep and this idea that we're in some kind of 'national sleep debt' situation has just been hyped out of proportion.

Sleep expert Professor Jim Horne says the idea of Britain being a sleep-deprived nation has 'been overblown'. The truth of the matter is, our health will only start suffering if we get less than five hours of sleep a night on a regular basis. "The fact is most adults get enough sleep, and our collective sleep debt, if it exists at all, has not worsened in recent times," Horne told New Scientist magazine.

"My assertion is that the vast majority of people sleep perfectly adequately. That's not to say that sleep deprivation doesn't exist, but in general we've never had it so good."

For why we're getting enough beauty sleep, just read more.

A study at Loughborough University's Sleep Research Centre, which is run by Horne, also discovered that the average British adult gets between seven and seven-and-a-half-hours per night. According to the study most people, when offered extra time in bed, would prefer to spend that time being active. "It seems wanting more sleep is not necessarily synonymous with needing more sleep, and that given a choice, people will happily forego extra sleep in favour of other leisure activities," Horne adds.

"Instead of worrying we're not getting enough sleep, we should acknowledge we're probably sleeping better than ever before, and rather than trying to increase our sleep, maybe spend those 'extra' hours of wakefulness doing something more productive."

I'm all in agreement that there's no point fretting about your lack of sleep, we all know how bad stress is for the skin, after all. However, I'm not sure I would choose 'other leisure activities' over sleep, well maybe a massage! How about you, do you love to get your beauty sleep?

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