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Essential Winter Beauty Products

Pamper Yourself With These Winter Beauty Essentials!

Bliss at ShopStyle

With this unseasonably cold weather that we're having in the UK (can you believe it's snowing again), our skin is drier than ever before. Between the chilly air outside and the heat draining our moisture levels when we're inside, our body is fighting to stay supple, nourished and hydrated. That's why I love balms, salves and masks. All of these beauty notions are not only practical, but they help restore lost water in the skin that we so desperately need.

I especially love this Vanilla and Bergamot Body Butter from Bliss (£22.51) since it's so incredibly thick, rich and delicious smelling. Use it right after you get out of the shower to help lock in moisture and prevent scaling and flaking.

Below are a selection of wonderful winter beauty essentials mixed in with some fun season-inspired goodies that will do your skin good. Let me know which products have been your saving grace in a comment below!

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