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Expert Catwalk Beauty Tips For Mussed Up Messy Runway Model Hair

A Quick Tip For Mussed Up Hair

Getting gorgeous low key looking hair that seems effortless to style comes from texturizing. Take inspiration from the fluffy, matte hairstyles on the catwalks such as Guido's amazing birds-nest hair.

Use plenty of volumizing products at the root and lengths of your hair to create a big is beautiful style. However, it's important to know that too much product will give you the fake-hair piece style that some of you hated on Sarah Harding recently.

For easy peasy mussed up waves, just read more.

  • Keep waves loose and brush out curls for a slightly frizzy effect. Don't worry about shine, this is supposed to have that just-got-out-of-bed feel.
  • The easiest way to nail this look is by applying two egg-sized balls of mousse to wet hair before blow-drying. This will give the hair texture and thickness.
  • Rough blow dry using your fingers to style instead of a brush. If your locks have a tendency to go flat on the top then blow dry upside down for at least the first few minutes to ensure height.
  • Keep tipping your head upside down through out the day (do this in private if you don't want to like like you're starring in a shampoo advert!) to keep the style looking suitably rock chick.


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