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Eyelash Holder Kinder Egg

This Eyelash Holder Is Genius — and It Involves Chocolate

If you're a false-lash-lover, today is your day. Firstly, we've found a way to wear two sets at once (you're welcome). Secondly, we've just stumbled across the most genius way of storing them, and it will only cost you 80p. Need even more good news? It'll give you an excuse to eat chocolate! Twitter user Dani Haigh shared a brilliant beauty hack: she stores her false eyelashes and lash glue in a Kinder egg container.

Lash addicts of Twitter are in awe of Dani's genius idea and sharing their stories of long-lost lashes (RIP). One commenter said, "I tried it with a mint tin n it didn't work cos the mint was so strong when I put my lashes on it wel stung my eye 😂 so will have to try this." Others have already been to the shops to grab themselves a Kinder Surprise. These ladies are fully on board and living their best lives.

On behalf of women around the country, thanks, Dani, you Christmas miracle.

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