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Fake Eyelashes Used For Eyebrows

Ever Thought of Using Fake Eyelashes For Your Eyebrows?

Have you ever thought of using false eyelashes to thicken your eyebrows? Well, Sherry Maldonado did! We're always trying to find hacks and easy beauty solutions to make your beauty routine as fast and effective as it can be. In recent years, the importance of eyebrows in the world of beauty has been major, and a lot of us will admit we overplucked all those years ago. From microblading to cult products to cutting your own hair and using it as brow hairs, women of the internet have tried it all. However, all are quite an investment in one way or another. Sherry Maldonado shares how she cuts off the tiny hairs from her false eyelashes and, using lash glue, creates thicker-looking brows. Although this is time consuming and not for everybody, for some it may be a life saver on occasions when permanent brow tattooing just isn't an option. And if you have blonde eyebrows, Maldonado notes you can purchase blonde eyelashes online. Watch the video below and see for yourself how this could work for your brows.

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