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Friction Free Shaving Review

Why a Razor Subscription Needs to Be Your 1 Beauty Investment This Year

Whether you shave or don't shave is entirely your decision, but if you do opt to shave off your unwanted hair, there is a correct way to do so. Hands up, who else has a tendency to run to Boots in a hurry because you haven't bought new razors in six weeks, only to panic buy whichever one is the cheapest, because razors are razors, right!? I'm sorry to say, buying the cheapest option and using it until it literally falls apart could be the cause of your nicks, ingrown hairs, and rashes.

When the Friction Free Shaving box landed on the beauty desk, admittedly, all I noticed was the incredibly chic rose gold personalised razor handle. Visually, I was sold before I'd even tried it, but I was a little sceptical about whether this pretty razor would actually make a noticeable difference to my hair-removal regimen. Spoiler alert: it did make a difference, and I'm never turning back.

Here is my case as to why a razor subscription should be at the top of your list when making beauty resolutions this year. The best part? I can almost guarantee it will save you money.

The subscription box is delivered straight to your door once a month with four weeks' worth of blades (one for every week). Yes, if you shave regularly, you should be changing your blades once a week, otherwise it can lead to rashes, sensitivity, and even infection. If you don't shave as regularly, you can change your subscription accordingly. Having the new blades ready made me remember to toss the old one away. I could really tell the difference in results compared to my old razors. A fresh FFS razor has a lubricating vitamin E strip to avoid burns and six stainless-steel blades for a superclose shave. You can order your blades with scrub, shaving cream, and postshaving balm if you wish. Exfoliating prior to shaving reduces ingrown hairs and dead skin, the shaving cream helps the razor glide along the skin, and the postshaving balm helps calm any irritation. The handle and four blades cost £9, then an additional £5 a month for blade refills. It will be the prettiest addition to your shower, and your skin will love you for the extra care.

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