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Fringe Tips

Fringe Benefits — 5 Tips to Get the Perfect Face Framer

If you're looking to update your hairdo for Autumn, you might want to consider a fringe. Stylist at Trevor Sorbie Hampstead Salon, Alfie Booth says: "There isn’t a face that I have encountered that wouldn’t suit a fringe. It’s about finding the right fringe to suit you and to balance your key facial features. There are limitless combinations of lengths, thickness and softness to adapt a fringe style." For 5 tips to get the perfect face framer, just read more.

  • The golden rule is to find a stylist you trust.
  • Always arrange a consultation before trying a new style; you should be offered an in-depth complimentary consultation to find a style that suits your lifestyle as well as your look.
  • Don’t be afraid to take examples of the looks you love – this helps the Stylist understand what you’re looking for and how best to adapt it to your face.
  • The right styling products and blow drying technique make it simple to style your fringe at home. Always ask your Stylist for advice and a quick lesson.
  • Never take the scissors to your own fringe! Most good salons offer free fringe trims to clients so there is no excuse.
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