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Fudge Launches New Travel Bed Head Products Fudge Hair Shaper Light

New Product Alert: Get Beach Head with Fudge Hair Shaper Light

Street-style brand Fudge, are best known for their bed-head-creating styling products. This summer, their best-selling Fudge Hair Shaper – which has been on the market for a whopping sixteen years – has two new variations for us to fall for.

Traditionally, the Fudge Hair Shaper has been beloved by both girls and guys, for that beach head, messy, just got out of bed look. It delivers lots of texture and hold, so is ideal for creating sculptured hair looks, such as the quiff or Agyness Deyn-alike short, spiky styles.

The sticky, multi-purpose styling tool, now comes in a mint scent, for a just-washed, fresh feel – as well as the new Fudge Hair Shaper Light, (£5.95).

This gives a much lighter hold than the original Shaper. It's ideal if you have with longer hair, that doesn't need the super-hold of the original product – or if your short hair is very fine. It smells sickly sweet, like a berry smoothie.

The mini tubes, just 50ml, make them ideal for traveling as well – so your beach hair will feel right at home!

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