22 Reasons Why Being Blonde Is the Best

30/05/2015 - 09:00 PM

Anyone who's gone blonde (or is lucky enough to have naturally fair hair) will tell you that it's difficult to return to any other colour once you've experienced the lure of platinum, honey, or strawberry. A good colourist can turn you into a bombshell with only a brush, some bleach, and a lazy afternoon, and once you've found that dream colour, there's no going back. Blonde hair turns heads, and the power it holds over its devotees is pretty intense. From one blonde to another, here are the reasons why this hair colour is so addictive!

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Oh hey, fellow blonde!

Thinking of changing your hair colour?

We thought not.

Why would you mess with this perfect 'do?

People pay a fortune for hair this good.

(Let's be honest — you probably did.)

But it's worth every penny.

Being blonde is addictive.

Once you go blonde, you never go back.

Just the thought of dyeing your hair any other colour is scary.

You tried brunette. It just didn't work.

Blonde hair is versatile. It looks great in plaits.

Especially if you have highlights. Go on, count the colours!

And ponytails.

It even looks great when it's wet.

Source: Vogue [2]

And it definitely gets attention.

People ask if you're a natural blonde.

Your response? It's kind of complicated . . .

. . . You were once!

But what does it matter? Some of us were just born to be blonde.

Source: MGM

And for the nonbelievers who say you look better darker?

They just don't understand.

When you look in the mirror, you see this.

And until that changes, you'll forever be blonde.

Source: E! [3]

Sure, some people assume that all blondes are dumb . . .

And this does drive you crazy at times.

But you know the truth!

There will always be haters.

You're just as smart as the next girl, regardless of hair colour.

And don't ever let anyone forget it.

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