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GOT White Walker Costume

Jon Snow Better Watch Out, This White Walker Makeup Is Frighteningly Realistic

White Walkers are terrifying (even when miming Drake), but know what's even more terrifying? Seeing dozens of people dressed up as them on 31 Oct., which is exactly what we predict for this year's winning Halloween costume. Instagram makeup superstar Sarah, who goes by the name of sarahmagicmakeup, has taken on the challenge of transforming herself into one of the Game of Thrones bad guys, and it has gotten us very excited for Halloween already.

Sarah begins by putting bold blue contacts in, which proves to be pretty painful, so use with caution if you choose to re-create this look. After applying her bald cap, she glues latex horns on that she made a few days earlier using air dry clay and liquid latex. Moving on to the makeup, she carefully shades her lips and eyes and then the contours of her face using Mehron Liquid Face Paints (Β£7) to accentuate the White Walker's piercing stare. She finishes by hand painting all of the details of the cracks and lines on the face, as well as the body armour.

The overall time taken to create this look was six hours, so it's no last-minute option, but it truly is a work of art! At various points during her tutorial, she did state how tedious painting some of the details was and that she was craving a beer but couldn't drink with her lips painted! Once you see the finished look, you'll realise why it took hours – you can't ignore the level of detail.

Watch the full tutorial below to see the transformation, and if you choose to re-create this, you'll need to double cleanse, possibly 12 times.

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