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Get Nail Art Like Cheska Hull and Gabriella Ellis

Get Cheska and Gabby's Original Sugar Manicures

The girls from Made in Chelsea never disappoint when it comes to looking on-trend, which is why it's no surprise to see these amazing two cutting edge nail looks on Cheska Hull and Gabriella Ellis. Cheska dons a Dipped in Sugar Manicure from Original Sugar that she just tweeted about saying, "@OriginalSugar_ love my nails!!!! Thank you! Xxx", whilst Gabriella posted photos on Instagram with the caption, "My liquorice all sorts nails by @originalsugar_ love them x" about her Liquorice Bullionaire Mani. The Original Sugar team kindly explained how you can re-create the same styles at home in just three easy steps. Here's what to do:

    Dipped in Sugar Manicure
  • Begin with clean, dry nails. Apply base coat and one layer of polish
  • Next, douse the glitter sprinkle over your wet nails
  • Simply apply a layer of top coat to seal the glitter
    Liquorice Bullionaire Manicure
  • Prepare the natural nail by applying a base coat and one layer of colour to clean, dry nails.
  • Gently press the bullion beads onto the wet polish so they lie flat
  • Apply a layer of top coat to seal the beads and the polish
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