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Gigi Hadid With Rose Gold Hair

Gigi Hadid Proves That No One Is Immune to the Rose Gold Hair Trend

While blorange has already been deemed 2017's trendiest hair colour, Gigi Hadid just recently flaunted one of our favourite shades from last year: rose gold. While recently on set for an undisclosed photo shoot, the model shared a behind-the-scenes picture featuring what appears to be a rose gold wig.

In the Instagram picture shared on Jan. 27, Gigi tagged Kenna, the hairstylist credited with the edgy look. In addition to its vibrant hue, the wig also features short, choppy bangs. Photographer Alana O'Herlihy also shared a picture of Gigi with the cheeky caption, "Strawberrry shortcake and I in the ladies room!"

Gigi had previously rocked a similar cut (and bangs!) at both the MTV Movie Awards and in a Vogue shoot with Zayn Malik; however, they were also temporary, as she promptly went back to rocking her signature supermodel waves.

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