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Girl Puts Makeup on Her Dad While He's Sleeping

This Girl Gave Her Sleeping Dad a Makeover and His Reaction Will Make You Cry Laughing

Playing pranks on sleeping family members is a time-honoured tradition, but one beauty-lover took her practical joke skills to the next level. Twitter user @Breevnnv, also known as Breeanna, documented how she beat her father's face for the gods as he snoozed.

This was not a quick application of eye shadow and lipstick. No, Breeanna started playing some mood music on full blast (including Mariah Carey and Chris Brown) and got to work. She began with a dramatic "Instagram brow," then continued with a glitter cut crease, intensely luminous highlight, and lacquered lips. She even added brow tint to his beard and a bold set of falsies.

However, those lashes proved problematic once Breeanna woke up her dad: she had accidentally glued his eyes partially shut. If you hadn't already been cracking up throughout the makeover process, seeing her father struggle to open his eyes — and witnessing Breeanna's mother practically crying with laughter over it — will definitely push you over the edge. Here's hoping that this is just the first in a long series of Dad glam sessions! Watch the above video now for your daily dose of hysteria, and be sure to turn up the volume.

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