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Gossip Girl Beauty 2008-12-30 04:30:00

Best of 2008: The Gorgeous Gals of Gossip Girl

Talk about a landslide — an overwhelming 68% of you voted Gossip Girl the most beautiful television stars of 2008 and I couldn't agree more! From Serena's long blond hair and metallic eye shadows, to Blair's collection of alice bands and pink lip glosses, Jenny's trendy fringe and Vanessa's alternative style, these ladies know how to play up their hair and makeup to perfection. So what if London doesn't have an Upper East side, their chic and impeccable beauty totally translates across the Atlantic.

Here's another fun fact since we're talking about TV beauties. Did you know that X Factor newcomer Cheryl Cole has topped three of Britain's beauty polls? Not only was she was named Superdrug's beauty icon of the year and Heat magazine's fittest British female celebrity body, but you all voted her favourite British Female on PopSugar UK! As if all eyes haven't been on Cheryl for a while already, don't look away just yet. Things are just beginning to warm up for this 25 year old hottie.


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