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Green Nail Polish, Chanel Jade, Best Green Nail Polishof the Year, OPI, Essie

Best of 2009: Green Nail Varnish

I hope you're enjoying the results of this year's 2009 Sugar Awards as much as I am. I get so excited when I can finally reveal the truth behind the beauty products, fragrances and websites that you've been enjoying most this year. As we know, green nail polish has made its way into the mainstream recently, and Chanel's limited-edition Jade colour has a lot to do with it. Jade was not only your first choice for greatest green polish, but it's mine too. The other top picks were OPI's, Hey! Get in Lime and Essie's Mint Candy tying for second place. Tell me, are you still painting your nails green, or was this just more of a passing Autumn trend?

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