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Gwen Stefani Fragrance

Best of 2008: Celebrity Scents

Welcome back to the results portion of the Sugar Awards where we've asked you to vote on the best of the best in 2008. The tally's are in and it looks like you and I agree that Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefani takes the prize for most awesome celebrity scent of the year. It won by a landslide with second place scoring a triple tie between Christina Aguilera's Inspire, Paris Hilton's Fairy Dust and Kate Moss's Velvet Hour.

I guess it's not entirely fair considering that Harajuku Lovers is technically five different fragrances, however, it's more of the packaging that got me than the actual scents. I just think the little dolls are fun and unlike anything else out there. Out of all the little dancer dolls named Love, Angel, Music, Baby and 'G'. which is your favourite?


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